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 Builders in Bangalore we are known to provide quality construction services right from architectural design to building consultation. We always implement new techniques and materials which overall gives a cost effective solution. Our well qualified engineers visit the site on a regular basis in making sure that we give the promised quality works in the specified time limits. We do both residential and commercial buildings.

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 As residential builders we plan on the entire work and schedule the works even before the commencement of the project. In such a way that we the cost of construction is well defined for the client. There are many new building materials arriving in the market the aim is to make sure that we always give new concept in design and innovatively planned structures.
As a contractor we always use the best available quality of cement, sand and quality aggregates in ensuring that we always create a sound structure. We employ skilled labor at site for different kinds of works like masonry, plumbing, tiling and electrical etc.. All workers working under us are very well skilled and trained in their specific jobs. The role of a builder in today’s world is very important in ensuring that they deliver the promised quality work in specified time limit.

 The Builders in Bangalore feel that cost of construction in any place depends on the use of raw materials like sand, cement, jelly, type of flooring, finishes, cladding, elevation treatments etc. As a contractor we always try to keep the cost of the construction to the minimum without compromising in the quality in civil works. Our team continuously checks the quality of civil works carried out at the site.

 There are many stages in constru-ction as residential builders we have divided our process in to two stages like Stage 1 – Concept designing wherein our  architects will give the floor plans as per your taste and requirements one have 3 to 4 changes on it before they finalize to proceed further with the elevation. In Stage 2 – Proposal for the cost of working drawings for the finalized plans will be given.
As builders we make sure that we are giving the best and the top services available in the market today we also ensure that all safety norms for the workers such as electricians, plumbers, tile fitters, masons, centering, bar benders is well maintained we always maintain a risk free safe place. Residential homes are built to last a life time, there are companies mushroomed over the years which are completely profit oriented while keeping the owners in the dark by using B+ quality of ma-terials.

 At the initial stages we give the floor plans showing the dimension of each room along with the internal arrangement, So one should decide the built-up area required as per the family requirement such as no of persons, space usage etc..

 We do proper scheduling of the project so that no delays happen when the work starts we also give importance to time management ensuring that the project is completed well within the specified time agreed both by the residential builders and owner. We always have proper understanding with our clients. Our team of well qualified and well experienced team always delivers the by the agreed time and quality. Our civil engineers make routine checks to the sites to check the grade and quality of the work done.
Builders stages in residential constructions – Foundations – After the earth work excavation is done of the marked pillars and columns. We use 40 mm aggregate as bed when the load can rest on, after which steel mesh is placed over (it’s done as per ISC standards) it’s then lapped to the footing where the pillars will rest-on.

 Some of the terms Plinth – It ties up all the pillars at the road level to give sturdiness and stability to the structure. It’s normally done at a height of 1’ 5” to 2’ 5” from the road level.  Masonry / partition work – Its usually done to partition or segregate the builder space from the remaining area like living, Bedroom, dining it can be done in bricks, cement blocks etc.. Lintel – It’s casted at a height of 7ft from the flooring lvl right above the windows and doors. Slab / Roof casting- It’s a covering done in reinforced cement concrete. Balcony – it’s an open private area either open towards the bed room or family room. Utility- its attached to the kitchen area used for washing clothes and utensils. Store – It’s a place to store all the groceries and foodies like rice, grains etc. Plaster- It’s a coat of cement motor which is mixed with sand and applied to the ceilings and walls its normally varies from ½” to ¾” of an inch thick. Putty – A layer of mixture of either chalk powder or best banded wall care is used over the plaster.

 As one of the top Builders in Bangalore we understand the importance of quality control at bangalre we achieve the best workmanship by employing skilled labor at site. The list of builder is endless but we always stand out from the rest by delivering the agreed works in the specified time limit. We concentrate much about finishing by achieving new concepts and designs in our buildings.
As Eco friendly Builder we know the importance of sustainability in the environmental impact we always build your home as ecological as possible by using more natural products like wood, clay tiles, bricks etc. We also implement best rain water harvesting points, solar panels for heating and generating electricity etc.. In renovation we take that the work will be carried out as economical as possible in this kind of works proper scheduling is done. We are completely flexible with our changes to the concept before we proceed with the actual contract.
We involve ourselves completely into the project by creating accurate schedules right from the commencement to the finishing of all our civil works. We give to priority to get the best work man ship at site. So what are you waiting for Call us now on +91 9886946588.


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